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Megacli é o utilitário de linha de comando que provê comunicação com placas controladoras da família LSI. A LSI fornece placas controladoras para hardware Supermicro e Dell, entre outros.

O problema do MegaCli é que ele é muito chato. Os parâmetros são difíceis de memorizar e as saídas de erro são feitas com códigos.

Logo falarei sobre o MegaCli. Por ora, segue a relação de códigos de erros do dito cujo.

0x00: Command completed successfully
0x01: Invalid command
0x02: DCMD opcode is invalid
0x03: Input parameters are invalid
0x04: Invalid sequence number
0x05: Abort isn’t possible for the requested command
0x06: Application ‘host’ code not found
0x07: Application already in use – try later
0x08: Application not initialized
0x09: Given array index is invalid
0x0a: Unable to add missing drive to array, as row has no empty slots
0x0b: Some of the CFG resources conflict with each other or the current config
0x0c: Invalid device ID / select-timeout
0x0d: Drive is too small for requested operation
0x0e: Flash memory allocation failed
0x0f: Flash download already in progress
0x10: Flash operation failed
0x11: Flash image was bad
0x12: Downloaded flash image is incomplete
0x13: Flash OPEN was not done
0x14: Flash sequence is not active
0x15: Flush command failed
0x16: Specified application doesn’t have host-resident code
0x17: LD operation not possibe – CC is in progress
0x18: LD initialization in progress
0x19: LBA is out of range
0x1a: Maximum LDs are already configured
0x1b: LD is not OPTIMAL
0x1c: LD Rebuild is in progress
0x1d: LD is undergoing reconstruction
0x1e: LD RAID level is wrong for requested operation
0x1f: Too many spares assigned
0x20: Scratch memory not available – try command again later
0x21: Error writing MFC data to SEEPROM
0x22: Required HW is missing (i.e. Alarm or BBU)
0x23: Item not found
0x24: LD drives are not within an enclosure
0x25: PD CLEAR operation is in progress
0x26: Unable to use SATA(SAS) drive to replace SAS(SATA)
0x27: Patrol Read is disabled
0x28: Given row index is invalid
0x2d: SCSI command done, but non-GOOD status was received – see mf.hdr.extStatus for SCSI_STATUS
0x2e: IO request for MFI_CMD_OP_PD_SCSI failed – see extStatus for DM error
0x30: One or more of the flush operations failed
0x31: FW real-time currently not set
0x32: Command issues while FW in wrong state (i.e. GET RECON when op not active)
0x33: LD is not OFFLINE – IO not possible
0x34: Peer controller rejected request (possibly due to resource conflict)
0x35: Unable to inform peer of communication changes (retry might be appropriate)
0x36: LD reservation already in progress
0x37: I2C errors were detected
0x38: PCI errors occurred during XOR/DMA operation
0x39: Diagnostics failed – see event log for details
0x3a: Unable to process command as boot messages are pending
0x3b: Returned in case if foreign configurations are imcomplete
0x3d: Returned in case if a command is tried on unsupported hardware
0x3e: CC scheduling is disabled
0x3f: PD CopyBack operation is in progress
0x40: Selected more than one PD per array
0x41: Microcode update operation failed
0x42: Unable to process command as drive security feature is not enabled
0x43: Controller already has a lock key
0x44: Lock key cannot be backed-up
0x45: Lock key backup cannot be verified
0x46: Lock key from backup failed verification
0x47: Rekey operation not allowed, unless controller already has a lock key
0x48: Lock key is not valid, cannot authenticate
0x49: Lock key from escrow cannot be used
0x4a: Lock key backup (pass-phrase) is required
0x4b: Secure LD exist
0x4c: LD secure operation is not allowed
0x4d: Reprovisioning is not allowed
0x4e: Drive security type (FDE or non-FDE) is not appropriate for requested operation
0x4f: LD encryption type is not supported
0x50: Cannot mix FDE and non-FDE drives in same array
0x51: Cannot mix secure and unsecured LD in same array
0x52: Secret key not allowed
0x53: Physical device errors were detected
0x54: Controller has LD cache pinned
0x55: Requested operation is already in progress
0x56: Another power state set operation is in progress
0x57: Power state of device is not correct
0x58: No PD is available for patrol read
0x59: Controller resert is required
0x5a: No EKM boot agent detected
0x5b: No space on the snapshot repositiry VD
0x5c: For consistency SET PiTs, some PiT creations might fail and some succeed
0xFF: Invalid status – used for polling command completion

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